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The wolf who looked at Death and waved part 4
*dev leaps off a rooftop while yuri comes down slowly*
*dev and yuri are waiting for kora at the entrance gate*
- She never usually is this late...
- Maybe she's doing some lady things...*dev looks at angry yuri face*...yeah...*dev shuts up and looks the opposite direction*
*kora arrives with a sad face* - Kora, you're ok ? *yuri comes closet to check on her*
- Oh it's nothing. I just have some stuff to do here and I can't go with you guys.
- Oh...well *yuri thinks on something to say* take care, we'll be back in a couple of days.
*dev yells from afar* Two Days !
*yuri starts yelling* - What are you doing over there ?
- Walking !
Annoyed, yuri says goodbye to kora and starts to follow dev running into the woods.
*yuri catches up* - You know you could walk a bit slow right ?
*After yuri and dev pass the woods, Dev is starts to feel tired*
- Never liked the look of it *dev looks at sun bright in the horizon* - You ever wondered what would be in that horizon ? What would make the sun go a
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The wolf who looked at Death and waved part 3
Sun rises, kora and yuri wake up.
- Yuri...
*yuri notices dev is missing* - Damn it. He...*carcass of deer falls in front of yuri* - Brought food. *Dev looks at face of yuri and kora* What ?
After having "breakfast" group resumes the travel.
When group arrives Dev ,can see far away, the volcano.
*dev is followed by a few guards, and is lead to the throne room by yuri and kora*
*dev sees an old black wolf sitted on a black and yellow chair* *dev inspects the place while guards give some space between him and old wolf* - I
*dev sees yuri near door and kora alongside her* - I doubt that...
*old wolf takes a deep breath* -...bounty..with a mouth. But look different.
*dev makes serious face* - What ? Just how old are you ? *a guard comes nearby and threatens dev* - You treat the king as his holyness.
- No need. He's older than he looks. *old wolf smiles* Been far too long *old wolf comes near dev* But I never forget a face.
- So that's why you brought your...
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The wolf who looked at Death and waved part 2
*brown wolf comes by* - Hi Devil. I see you found my friend Kora.
- Huh ? *dev looks at werewolf transforming into a big lynx*
- We're not here to harm nor kill you.
*dev stretches body and snaps a few bones* - Good to know I guess..What do you want then ? Autograph, a night out, or some fun time, if so, I'm sorry I don't do dates and you're not my type sorry. *dev tries to go back to his chamber*
- We were ordered to make a request. *dev stops and turns around*
- Again, no dating.*walks backwards* Sorry. *turns around*
- Our master requested your presence.
*dev stops again* - Royalty ?
- Yes.
- Your master name is by any chance...Kynara or Nakyra ?
- No...
*dev breathes in relief and starts walking towards kora and brown wolf* - Your name.
- Yuri.
*dev kora and yuri and walking in the city*
- Three quick things...why does your master needs my assistance and why did you need to bring miss iliketopunch, my back still hurts *snaps back* and another thing, and another thing, why the *poin
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The wolf who looked at Death and waved
*dev is against the wall waiting for something* *a goblin passes by and gets near another goblin who is close to a valve* - We're good to go...*looks at Dev* Is he good to go ?
- After yesterdays beating ? He better know what he's doing...
*dev limps towards goblins* -...Indeed I do. *comes closer to a gate* *listens to crowd chanting his name*
*goblins turn valve* *gate opens* *Dev limps towards arena* *sees female orc presenting him in a private area* - ..I present to you Debil !
- Stupid bitch...
*dev starts limping from one way to another*
*female orc clears throat* - And now I give you, The fearsome, The ruthless...
- Not a minotaur... -... I prsent to you Draex !
*a minotaur breaks the gate and starts chanting for the crowd* - Are you ready ?
- Damn it...
*Draex points at Dev* - You ready to die ? *Draex starts running towards Dev*
*Dev starts limping towards Draex* *crowd start to go wilder* *when Draex is about to grab dev, dev does a fierce wink and appears behind him* *Draex
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Devil 'new look' by Devilspidey Devil 'new look' :icondevilspidey:Devilspidey 0 0
The Other Ice Kingdom, not ruled by Kynara part 4
*dev wanders around inside the castle while nakyra wanders around the villa*
*dev keeps on hearign kynas' words*...the sands might kill you...kill you... *dev scratches head and goes beneath the castle straight where the sands are* *Dev sees sands glowing in his presence* *Dev walks around them and tries to look for writings in the wall* *sees an unkown language and examines it for a bit* *dev hears nakyra whipering* - Dev you in here ?
- Indeed I am, no need to whisper, we're the only ones here.
- What are you doing ? This is a sacred place. *Dev notices sand near nakyra losing the glow as she walks towards dev*
*nakyra notices the glowing sands as well* - What is this ?
- Some glowy thing, don't touch nor eat. But please do tell if you recognize these symbols.
*nakyra inspects symbols and mumbles a few words* - He who's a keeper, inherits, something can't be sure of what it is, but it's something bad...Fate cannot be changed...ok what is this ? What did you do ? *nakyra notices dev l
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The Other Ice Kingdom, not ruled by Kynara part 3
- Oh, king! *caped wolf kneels as the soldiers* (he was somewhat french accent)
- Oh please, family doesn't need to kneel, Theo.
*dev goes near kyna and nakyra* - What about peasants ? *wolf stares at dev*
- Excuse me ? *kyna gets a hold of dev tail*
- Dev's a close friend.
- Anyway I've wanted to invite your family to a party to celebrate our lineage.
- A celebration ? How's your father ?
- Old, sir.  I've wanted the remaining family together for one final moment before he passed away.
- That's noble of you.
- The celebration is later tonight. All family is invited of course, and you can even bring a guest with you, except peasants *looks at devil again* *dev craves nails on the ground*
- We'll be there.
- Thank you sir *soldiers and theo kneel and leave*
Inside castle the king is showing kyna nakyra and dev the long ice lineage
- ...but somehow my great-great-great-great-grandfather had two sons. After the war, our kingdom was falling, so to make sure our lineage was secure, the
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The Other Ice Kingdom, not ruled by Kynara part 2
- Ok, so before you say anything. *dev grabs nakyra and stops time* *dev melts ice from paws and starts running* - I can't hold this much longer while running.
Kinda but not really far away.
*Kynara is simply walking around her village and greeting everyone*
*kynas' father arrives alongside a few soldiers* *kyna greets father* *father greets back*
Not far
- No, you might go back but I just won't.
- My sister is in danger and you're just gonna let that be ?
- Hey, I also have a way, way bigger bounty on me, and I don't coward inside a kingdom.
- You do the Chacha.
- Not my point. I'm not going.
A few hours later near the ice kingdom
*nakyra carries a big ice boulder with dev carrying a annoyed face (T-T)*
Another few hours pass away
*kynara hears bell from main gate*
- Princess Nakyra has arrived. Princess Nakyra has arrived.
*kynara runs towards main gate*
- Carrying a big ice boulder. A Big boulder.
*kynara sees nakyra* - You're back.
- Hi sis.
- What's that ? *points at boulder*
- Co
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The Other Ice Kingdom, not ruled by Kynara
3 years after The Journey happened, after The Great War ended, the planet was safe; although Midnight did not found her purpose on being there, she didn't cared much, since she found special friends she considers as family.Kynara returned to her village alongside her father, who remains the king, and his troops. Marius, who managed to find his transformation, returned to the highlands with his family. Devil, on the other hand, somehow just couldn't how to feel, if relieved of his nightmares being over, if guilty of murdering his family (they were evil), to not cause any confusion he simply left without anyone noticing, specially kynara who simply knows where he is for obvious reasons, but he did not travelled alone, Nakyra who did not felt well with her new home and hoped this new "adventure" would help her seek her destiny.
*Dev and nakyra are in a bush hiding from a wild boar* - So what's the plan ?
- Simple. You go there, get his attention, then I hit him from behind.
- And how do y
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Dev meets someone
*Dev is sneaking inside a vent and falls inside a room with a guy sitted in a chair*
*guy gets up* - Who are you ?
- Huh, what ? *gets up* Oh yeah, I...I'm here to kill you...*thinks for a bit* ...yeah...kill.
*guy grabs a gun and points at dev*
- HOLY *stops time* now now *takes gun away and puts it in trash then resumes time*
- What did you do to my gun ?
- Oh I don't know, maybe it's hidden somewhere...except in the trash can *serious face* Do Not Search the Trash can !!
*guy pushes dev and runs towards the trash can*
- Seriously ? *annoyed face* and stops time* - This is soo not how I want it to go *walks back and forth* If I was Kyna what would I do...
 *Imagining kyna voice* - "Get rid of all the evidence !"
- YES ! *grabs gun and throws it into the window*  *gun hits window and falls into the floor* *dev walks towards gun* I hate you so much * *opens window and throws gun away*
- Now...*kyna voice* "Only after you kill him"....Oh come on, that's not fair, you said to g
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Villains Test
Here's the Premise.  Let's call this guy Richard for example. Richard was supposed to rob a bank with a few teammates, it goes bad. Then he and his crew go back to their hideout to try and explain to their boss.
*Richard and crew run towards van with bags of money* - Go go, just keep running !
*Richard enters driver seat and crew on the back* *richard starts engine and drives* Crew member - We're fucked up man !
Richard - Shut up ! I'm thinking.
*van manages to get inside a warehouse*
*Richard and crew leave van* *a few guards stop them*
*a guy in a grey suit comes near them and looks at the 2 bags a crew member is holding*
- You ! *points at richard* bring the money *Richard gets a hold on the bags* now follow me.
*grey suit guy starts walking and Richard follows*
*both arrive at a office* - Boss ! Richard and his crew are here. *The boss is reading a newspaper and throws it at the fireplace*
- Come in, come in. *grey suit guy takes the bags off richard and puts on table*
Boss -
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Red Hood V - 2nd Confrontation
-I'm the girl with your signature on my chest.
- Oh ? Oh ! I see,  I never knew he had a girlfriend.
- Now he doesn't.
- Huh *red takes off hood* so that’s how you break up with him ? You want me that badly ? *red hood smiles*
- It’s complicated.
- Complicated ? You’re the one following me around, wherever I go, you go. What you didn’t expect was that you managed to hurt a few people along the way. If you really knew whom I was, would you still follow me ? And don’t give me that good girl speech, because I know you aren’t one. *puts hood back on and leaves*
- So that’s it then, huh ?
- Yeap, but don’t worry, from this point onwards you can only go up. *comes back* If you want my trust back, start worrying about those who worry about you, and stop thinking about you for a second, it’s annoying. *leaves*
*After a while red hood manages to enter an empty bus* *driver recognizes red hood* - You're the Red guy, right ? Ha. My daught
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Red Hood IV - Confrontation
*red hood comes out of the curtain*Hey all ! You ready to rock ? And a one, two, three…
*drake gets near Burning Sea* - I’m so hating myself right now..*listening to music inside* What the…*drake enters through the main entrance* *sees Red Hood singing* “I should go there and punch whoever that is. But if I do that my identity might be compromised. Wonder where Meg is, does she believes he’s the real Red ?  I should leave, there’s nothing I can do that would call attention.*takes a look around* Time to go then.” *drake leaves bar* “Maybe now I can put my sleep in order. Fake Red Hood, I’ll meet you again!”
*Thursday – Drake, while leaving home, sees a newspaper with big words in front “Red Hood mystery unveiled !”* – What ?? Oh that son of a gun…this person yada yada, been enchanting the ears of many throughout this month, yada yada, currently studying at Spring College ?!? What ? goes by
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Red Hood III - Choices
*Wednesday-  while coming to school drake notices a groupie with Red Hood T shirts* - That’s so awesome.
*Jim runs towards drake* - You’re late !
- School hasn’t even started…
- Meg was here WITH A RED HOOD T SHIRT AND A HOODIE !!!! She looked so hot!
“I know something more awesome than that” – Seems like Red hood is growing, huh ?
- You also like him ?
- He looks cool, and you ?
- Heh, I think he’s ok.
*school bell rings*
Making the mask was kinda easy. All I needed was a carnival mask and a hood. What color calls for attention at night ? Red. What color does no one think about ? Silver. Red also means the anger inside of me. Silver says I’m not a simple person.
*bell rings for recess* *Drake is on a staircase writing on a notebook* - Hmm Drake ?
- Yeah.. Oh, oh Meg, hi. Nice shirt.
- Thanks, a friend of mine made it. So, I’m gonna see you tonight ?
- Huh ? Oh, on the bar ? Oh no, sorry.
- You said you worked there..
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Red Hood II
*comes out of the curtain* Who wants a piece of me for one night only? “I’m so loving this.” *red hood smiles* *every girl goes wild* This one is for you.
- Different worlds we live in, different choices we made…
10 years ago my father passed away. I was around 8. Before he died he gave me his guitar. Since then I’ve practiced every day. My mom…*young drake enters home and sees a small paper on the table* She barely is present ever since my father died. So since then, I come to school, eat something, practice, do homework, practice, dinner, TV, practice, bed.
*Red hood finishes song* - Thank you and have a good night! *red hood leaves to backstage*
*bar owner is clapping hands* - Very good, another night, another hit Mr. Hood.
- Red is just fine sir.
- I came with a friend of mine, Miss..
- Clarke, Joyce Clarke. Ever thought about going worldwide with your songs ?
- Huh, like, professionally? I don’t know I, I wow I don’t know what to s
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Red Hood I - Introduction
*kid is drawing a masked guy playing on the guitar*
Wonder if that one is me? Wonder who could that be? Well, that’s not important right now.
What matters is that *kid gets hit by wet paper* *kid takes paper off and looks back and sees people laughing* today is Valentine’s Day.
- So Drake, *a guy sits nearby* you think today is the day? *drake closes book*
- Hey Jim, well, if you don’t count the last 2 valentines then..No..she’s so out of my league. Remember last year ?
- Yeah, she got a few letters. Pretty normal for a girl like her.
- 26 is not normal. And there’s only 10 guys in the classroom. Besides a girl like her certainly already has a boyfriend.
- I don’t. Why? You interested? *a girl appears in front of drake*
- I, uh, well, no you see, I…
- Oh, so you’re that type then. Too bad *winks and sits near the group of friends*
- Wait Meg! I am not the…damn it.
That day she got about 15 letters. Maybe I’m just not her typ
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Kyna - Wait, what ?  Oh it's you.
*Dev waves* - Hello there. Sorry to kidnap you...and tie you up.
*kyna checks rope* - You know how there are several levels of intelligence ?
Dev - Huhuh.
Kyna - I think you got neither of them. *has rope in hand*
Dev - Ok, I don't know how to tie a knot..will you teach me ? Not to kidnap you again of course.
Kyna - Riight...please don't kidnap me, use me again without the legal permission of my owner, or I will kill you. I won't even be creative, I'll just kill you. *leaves*

HELLO THERE.I just did this to get PEOPLE ATTENTION !!! I could flash my white hair but not funny, white hair is not fun, unless you nero dante vergil the sparda guy hitsuyaga or whatever (the ice kid from bleach) and those are the ones I remember right now and I'm neither of them...sadly, I want a demon arm :c

Anyway, Tomorrow's Carnival and I might get disguised as Red Hood (my beautiful helmet is done I've been working with a friend on it almost 1 year, My fb pages has a few pics but nothing more, I might post the how it was before finished) and/or the one everyone knows and loves (not rly) THE RIDDLER !!!!!!!!!! my delusional dear friend. Sadly the bottom part of the cane broke so I had to use "cheap" stuff on a new one, although I managed to take a picture of it intact.

Moving on *has spying googles searching for kyna* damn it.
I was thinking on making a ff about a post apocalyptic stuff (kinda based on vash the stampede anime and fallout series) but meh meh I might write a few things but hardly gonna finish (need opinion on this)
Also thinking making a ff with THE DEV COMEBACK well I kinda wanted him to be a bad guy on this one '-' to well << sharpen my "skills" on making a "good" villain (Hell, he would be more annoying than jester) (also need opinion on this)


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